Friday, 21 September 2012

Power Washing

Window cleaning is not something you want to do alone or on an everyday basis. It can be quite a task. It requires some amount of strength in your arms, and some guts if your house is two stories high. Also, if you're not the kind who can climb up and down a ladder quite a few times, then you seriously need to reconsider cleaning your windows all by yourself. To clean windows you will need a good, sturdy ladder and usual cleaning supplies like buckets and sponges.

It is best if you use a two holed bucket - one for soapy water and one for clean (although eventually the clean one will get dirty). If you are very particular, change the water for every window or else whenever you see it getting dirty. Most people prefer using cloth instead of sponges - you could try both and see which gives the better results. When there is a lot of dust involved and maybe some cobwebs, then you might consider vacuuming the window first instead of using the sponge straight away.

Then use the wet sponge in a circular motion to clean windows. When you're sure you've removed all the stains and smears, use a dry cloth - preferably a lint cloth to wipe the window. Wipe them only in one direction to ensure that there aren't any streaks left. For very high windows - you will have to use an extension pole with a strip washer. However, you may find that it is difficult to get very good results with high windows. In this case, i.e. with too many high windows and too many glass panes, window cleaning companies are the best option.

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