Thursday, 18 October 2012

Starting A Window Washing Business

This knowing why, why can not we make this business a strong need to reduce our efforts? Six days a week for a couple of days I regularly $ 400 to $ 600 per day for a week, I talked to the students, the phone is ringing to stop begging. It's less than a year. This type of money management. I know people do not make $ 600 a week. Attention, and he served as a revenue stream. Fast forward a few short months, and Bingo!

A few months ago, only one window cleaning window washing business plan to his feet with a stick and I had to try it. I got a chance to see his website. He has a bunch of material from this site for all sales and marketing network to some. He decided to bring in another revenue stream, washing the window. When we spoke, he told me it was. Of course it is.He was sure he saw other two companies by focusing on removing windows can not see the results.
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